Overdose reversal may seem scary but the process itself is not difficult or complicated, and knowing how to save a life before a situation arises will make it much easier to handle should you ever need to. I have written the information on this site to make it as easy as possible for everyone to understand. If you find that you have questions about anything you see here, you are welcome to contact me by leaving a comment on this page. Comments remain private, but if you’d like a response please include your correct email address.


In 2021, 107,622 people in the United States died as the result of overdose. That’s nearly 300 overdose deaths every day, and an increase of nearly 16,000 over the previous year. Knowing how to recognize and reverse an overdose is critical because quick action is important when someone goes into overdose.

What Is An Overdose?


What Does an Overdose Look Like?