This section delves into the personal side of my life. In some cases when using a word or phrase that may not instantly be known or understood, I link it to a definition or an outside website that will be able to clarify its meaning.

The Basics

Pronouns: he/they

Born: August 22, 1972 (50 years) North Carolina

Home: Atlanta, Georgia

Relationship Status: Polyamorous, Married, Mutually Open

Immediate Family:

  • Zak (spouse, married 8/2020)
  • Robert (boy, tagged 6/2022)
  • Dan (son, tagged 10/2022)
  • Handy (pup, collared 9/2023)

Extended Family:

  • Pup Dante

Stats: 5’9”, 160 lbs / 72 kg

Occupation: Addiction Counselor, Harm Reductionist, Educator

Astrology: Born on the cusp of Leo/Virgo. Leo sun, Virgo moon, Taurus rising.

About Me

I generally hate writing bios, so I’ll give you some random bullet points instead.

  • I was branded a “gifted kid” in 3rd grade and never really recovered from it. My childhood was, to put it gently, traumatic.
  • I’m a veteran of the US Air Force (medic) who served under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and later challenged it when I came out to my commanding officer and was discharged. To this day, my DD-214 lists the reason for discharge as “Homosexual Admission”. I testified against the policy that was finally repealed in 2011.
  • I have been in sustained abstinent recovery from cocaine use since Valentine’s Day 1996.
  • I have two food-related allergies: aspartame and ginger. In addition, I don’t eat pork often because it can make me sick to my stomach.
  • I am an extroverted introvert in that I enjoy people, but need quiet time to recharge.
  • Random junk foods I like include caramel, Dr. Pepper, Reese’s, Bubble Gum Jelly Belly jellybeans
  • Here are a few photos while I work on adding more.

Want to Dig Deeper?

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