It’s quite possible that no single area of my kinky work gets more attention than my work with hypnosis and mindplay. I get it; the thought of someone snooping around in your head can be scary as fuck. I’d like to write about mindplay here in the hope of breaking down some of the misconceptions and fear that are so common.

I fell into mindplay accidentally, and not in the way that you might think. I didn’t meet someone who waved a pocket watch in front of my face or anything that would make good fantasy fodder. My Sir and mentor is the one who first made me aware of my natural ability to put people at ease in a way that allowed them to grant me access to protected parts of themselves. At first I thought I was in trouble and had done something wrong, to be honest.

In reality, Sir was just doing what he always did, drawing my awareness to my strengths and weaknesses in an effort to help me improve myself as a person. I had a gift of making people comfortable enough to trust me and let down their guard, and by making me aware of it in a nonthreatening way, he helped me turn a gift into a skill.

Before we go any further, I want to end this introduction by pointing out two critically important things about hypnosis and mindplay:

No one is going to control your mind without your permission. Hypnosis is not at all like what we see in movies. You’re not going to be slipped a pill that suddenly grants a stranger access to your innermost thoughts and desires.

Ethical mindplay is not about manipulation, ever. At its core, this is about using a skillset to consensually map someone’s mind and help them safely explore the hallways that may have been dark before. Anyone who would use hypnosis and mindplay to manipulate someone else for personal gain should be avoided at all costs.

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