A 90-day probationary period for PIPs (Pup-Identified Persons) grants everyone the gift of time. During this period, Sir and pledge participate in intensive discussions and begin getting to know one another on a deeper level. This isn’t casual dating-type banter, it is raw and real conversation designed to encourage learning, understanding, and growth.

An important aspect of this period is to develop open and honest communication, and this requirement goes beyond Sir and pledge. The pledge period is critical for pledges who have existing relationships, because those relationships will undergo changes that need to be acknowledged, discussed, and negotiated by all parties.

The pledge period may be shortened at Sir’s discretion. This will only happen when it is evident that all involved parties actively support the relationship of Sir and pledge.


  1. Acceptance as a pledge
  2. Earning the pledge tag
    1. Complete 10 days of satisfactory pledgeship
      1. Spouse/partner has been made aware of the pledge’s desire and is at least tentatively supportive.
      2. Regular, uninterrupted daily check-ins
      3. Initial questionnaire including first round of kink/fetish interests
      4. A respectful demeanor at all times
      5. At least two in-person interactions directly related to puppyhood
  3. 30-day Review and Progress Evaluation
    1. Pledge remains respectful and attentive without prompts
    2. Pledge demonstrates the application of new knowledge and instruction 
    3. Pledge consistently brings questions and concerns to Sir for discussion
    4. Pledge has set at least three SMART goals
      1. Pledge has suggested rewards for goal progress
      2. Pledge has made satisfactory progress toward reaching goals
  4. 60-day Review and Progress Evaluation
    While maintaining all momentum previously established and reviewed,
    1. Pledge has participated consistently in community events (as possible)
    2. Pledge has come up with ideas for ways to give back to the community
  5. 90-day Final Review
    1. Pledge’s overall progress is evaluated
    2. Pledge creates and presents a report on their experience
  6. The Offer
    Upon successful completion of the pledge period,
    1. Sir shares his insights and observations about the experience
    2. Sir determines whether or not an offer for permanent service will be extended
    3. Sir presents pledge with their scene/pup name
    4. Discussion and negotiation
    5. Pledge refuses or accepts the offer