Let’s talk pronouns.

I believe the construct of gender is often harmful when it stifles us into playing a role instead of living our truth. When such phrases as “Boys don’t cry”, “Man up”, or “Stop acting like a pussy” enter the conversation, toxic masculinity is in control and someone is going to be made to feel less-than.

I realize that my privilege as a bearded cisgender white man affords me power that is not equally or equitably shared. It is for this reason that I choose to use he/him/his and they/them/theirs pronouns interchangeably. I can’t deny that privilege, but I can use it to draw attention to subjects that deserve it and the respectful and compassionate use of someone’s pronouns is a bare minimum place to start.

I am not nonbinary, and though I do present primarily in a masculine way, I identify strongly with gender fluidity. I own long, comfortable skirts that I sometimes wear around the house. I sometimes enjoy shopping in the women’s section because wearing a sweatshirt that says DOG MOM is more than an attempt at humor, it is a subversive way that I can use my station in life to change the narrative.