Regardless of the roles we fill in our kinky lives, we don’t have to be limited by the physical. Our minds offer endless opportunities to expand what we know and feel. Space School is an exploration of the mind where we safely learn about and explore dominant and submissive headspace.

sub SPACE CAMP is a class for submissives and those interested in exploring sub-space.

Ground Control is a class for dominants and those interested in exploring dom-space.

Each of these classes is a deep dive that explores:

  • Who are you?
    Character and personality traits of a dom/sub
  • What do you want?
    What it means to inhabit the headspace of a dom/sub
  • How do you get it?
    Safely exploring dom/sub headspace
    • Solitary exploration
    • Finding your path (discovering your triggers)
  • Hypnosis and Mindplay
  • Striking a balance between your dom/sub headspace and daily life