Let’s start with the basics. Standing Orders are foundational rules that should be followed at all times. The sole exception is if or when the slave/trainee feels as though personal wellness and safety is or might be at risk. In fact, that’s a perfect place to start.


The first and most important SO is the Breach Report. If at any time, the slave/trainee feels that personal safety or wellness might be compromised (theirs or mine), it is their duty to immediately report the breech to me or my assign. A breach might be physical, mental, environmental, or any combination. 

To make this report, the slave/trainee should immediately stop whatever they are doing and say, “Breach, SIR.” I will respond to address the breach either by taking immediate action, or by asking for more information.

Once a breach report has been made, all unrelated action and conversation stops until the breach has been appropriately addressed. I will ask the slave/trainee for a follow up report. If the breach has been managed, the slave/trainee responds with, “Breach managed, SIR.” at which time action and conversation may resume as normal. If the breach has not been managed, the slave/trainee provides additional information and insight as needed to address and manage the breach.

From time-to-time, I may ask the slave/trainee for a breach report as a way of checking in on their wellness, especially in situations that I know may potentially cause stress or anxiety, but the slave/trainee should never wait for me to ask for this report if they feel a breach has taken place.


I am left-handed. For that reason, a slave/trainee should always be oriented to my lefthand side, with a full and unobstructed view of my left hand unless specifically instructed otherwise by me or my assign. With few exceptions, all cues in public will be nonverbal and executed with gestures from my left hand. The slave/trainee is expected to recognize and react to these cues immediately, without additional prompts or questions.


When walking or standing in public settings, the slave/trainee will orient themselves to my left and no less than a half step behind. The slave/trainee stands with their hands behind them in military “at ease” position at all times when not engaged or instructed otherwise by me or my assign. This is known as public standby position. When I am in conversation that does not actively include the slave/trainee, they will stand with their head bowed slightly, eyes fixed on my left hand.


For the sake of distinction, this order refers to any setting that is either fully private or friendly to the power exchange dynamic. 

In private settings, the slave/trainee will maintain left orientation unless otherwise ordered by me or my assign. The slave/trainee will seat themselves on the floor to my immediate left, within easy reach. This is known as private standby position.The slave/trainee maintains a ready posture of awareness and is prepared to move and to act on my order (verbal) or cue (nonverbal). At no time will the slave/trainee sit on furniture unless ordered otherwise by me or my assign.