While talking with a sub who expressed interest in exploring consensual slavery (sometimes abbreviated herein as CS) and what that kind of life choice might look like for him, I was asked for some examples of the sort of standing protocols I might expect from a slave. The first thing I explained was that protocols are not standard, and that they will vary from one Dom to the next.

In this section of SentimentalDom, I will take a look at protocols and CS, as well as delve into some of the protocols I have used in the past with slaves and slave trainees. This will provide some insight into how mentally demanding it can be to place oneself into my service. Please note that I do not currently own a consensual slave and do not currently have the space in my life to devote to the care and feeding of a consensual slave or trainee.

The first thing I reinforce is that consensual slavery is not just handing over the keys to a new driver. There is a lot to learn, and CS is not the place for someone who wants to exist in a passive way.