Love, Truth And Honesty

The view isn’t as beautiful without you in the picture.

I was sitting alone over breakfast in a booth at Washington Square Diner when I saw him walking up 6th Avenue, just outside the window. Tall and relaxed, with the kind of natural swagger that only comes from self-confidence. A moment later he walked in the door and took a seat just across the aisle, facing me.

He. Was. Gorgeous.

When he caught me looking, his first words to me were delivered with a wink, “The coffee’s cheap and strong. Like me.” Then he flashed the goofiest, most disarming grin I’ve ever seen and invited himself to join me without another word, oblivious to the annoyed waitress who sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes as she watched him slide into the booth across from me.

It was a good thing he was so comfortable being social, because it took several minutes before I could connect enough words to make a coherent sentence. If he noticed I was flustered, he didn’t let on. Of course he knew I was smitten. He wasn’t blind or stupid.

Annoyed waitress annoyingly refilled our drinks for a couple of hours as small talk ensued.

“What’s your sign?” he asked.

“I’m on the cusp of Leo/Virgo.”

“Is that a good thing? I know fuck all about astrology, I just know that’s what you’re supposed to ask cute guys you meet in diners.”

My mind was racing. I couldn’t get a read on this guy. What could he possibly want with me? He paid the check for both of us.

“Any chance you’d be up for walking to the park?” he asked as he stood.

“I don’t want to be rude, but what’s the end game here? There’s no way in hell I’m your type. What is this?”

“You’re someone I need to know, that’s all.”

“How do you figure? How could you possibly know that?”

“Your eyes carry on entire conversations that your mouth isn’t even there for. That’s how I know.”

A long walk. A park bench. Laughter that made my belly hurt and my head ring. When I looked at my watch and had leave for an appointment, he produced a pen he’d stolen from annoyed waitress and wrote his number on my arm.

I walked away feeling like I had just been yanked out of my house by Hurricane Mark.