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I saw this shared on social media and initially wrote the following as a comment response. Rather than have it lost in a sea of comments and become troll fodder, I decided to share it here instead.

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I’m polyamorous, which means I believe that while it may be possible, it is not necessary to be ‘everything’ to someone. It’s not disgusting, it’s realistic (for me). There is nothing wrong with someone who ‘can’t be satisfied by one person’; they are merely acknowledging their own needs along with a broader capacity for love and relationships than monogamously-minded people experience.

What’s disgusting to me is that we view jealousy and possessiveness as normal and reasonable aspects of strong relationships. What’s disgusting to me is that people feel pressured to stay in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy because we’ve been sold a false narrative, that monogamous couplehood is the only ‘real’ or ‘right’ or ‘healthy’ relationship.

Do I think polyamory is right for everyone? Absolutely not. Do I think a polyamorous dynamic is easy? Absolutely not. Having multiple partners will put your communication skills to the test and expose every shortcoming you have. My relationships have forced me to look at myself through the eyes of my partners, and that has shown me some things that don’t make me very happy or proud of myself.

Never forget that I love you, and that excludes no one.


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  1. Do u sometimes get jealous

    1. I don’t feel jealousy when it comes to the people I love, no. I haven’t always been this way though. The “monogamy is the only way” indoctrination with which we grow up isn’t easy to overcome, and it has jealousy built into the model.

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