Part 2: Finding Your Energy

Connecting our spirituality with our relationships makes for a more powerful experience. Our spiritual self operates on a different plane and when we tap into that, we begin to see how both the movement and the energies in a relationship either flow with or against nature.

Finding your energy begins with understanding how energy works. For the purposes of this explanation, I am going to use the analogy of electrical energy. Electrical energy operates in one of two directions, either by attracting or repelling other charged particles. Electrical energy comes in two base forms, potential and kinetic. Potential energy lies in wait as a stored energy that is directly related to where you are in relation to other energy sources. Kinetic energy is energy created by motion or action. To understand the difference between the two, you need only think of a few common examples:

  • Fill a balloon with air and tie it off. That’s potential energy. Untie the balloon and you have kinetic energy.
  • Pull an arrow back in a bow and you have potential energy. Release the string and you have gone kinetic.
  • A dam can either hold water (potential) or release it (kinetic).

How does this relate to the relationship dynamic?

If we view ourselves as sources of energy, it can be easier to understand how some relationships work well while others don’t. Ask yourself whether your energy is more potential or kinetic right now, knowing that our energy can and will change. There’s also static electricity, a form of potential energy that happens when energies are not balanced and working harmoniously.

We are drawn to the kind of energy we need, even when we don’t consciously know it. When the energy flow (current) is complementary, a spark smolders and ignites. That’s not to say sparks can’t happen with people who don’t necessarily share complementary energy, but those sparks rarely create a strong collaborative and sustainable current.

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