Part 5: Exploring Space

If you are new to the concept of power exchange, you might not be entirely sure what space you want to explore. The good news is you don’t have to be sure. The even better news is that you aren’t locked into one role or the other if that doesn’t resonate with you. While the D/s dynamic is a way of life for some, power play is more commonly a place of exploration and discovery. The amount of time and import you give to it is for you to decide, and again, that decision does not ever have to be final.

If you haven’t already caught on, I am a fan of analogies and visual examples. I called this installment Exploring Space because I like space as an equally literal and figurative idea in this context. When we explore D/s space, that can mean the physical space – including the location and our physical bodies – and our mental/head space – what power play means to us and makes us feel.

Whether you are drawn to explore Domspace or subspace is up to you. And you can wake up tomorrow and make a different choice. One note: I acknowledge the existence of switches in the community, but a switch is someone who goes between Domspace and subspace, so I am not including switches as an individual headspace. Let’s call our beloved switches Spacefluid.

The important thing about your space exploration is that you do it in a safe, sane, informed, and consensual way at all times.

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