Dear one,

I have an important message for you today that you’re not likely to hear in the chaos of social media. You don’t have to do your best. It’s okay to do the bare minimum, if that’s where you are. Life is not a race or a competition, and doing whatever it takes to get through the tough days is enough. Even if all you can manage is to turn off social media, ignore your phone, and eat pizza rolls.

I deal with depression, and there are days when getting out of the bed at all is a major accomplishment. There are days when I just know that I’m not at 100% and so I take a few steps back to give my mind and body a chance to breathe. Taking a 2-hour nap after coming home early from work isn’t normal for me, but it’s a sign that I am listening to my body and giving it what it needs.

Never forget that I love you, and that excludes no one.

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About Sentimental Dom

Michael Nolan is The Sentimental Dom. He wants you to keep your chin up, treat everyone with dignity, compassion, and respect, and drink more water.

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