Dear one,

Over 20 years ago, my mentor challenged me to come up with a personal mantra. He told me that my “personal mantra should be like a tattoo”; something that I felt at my core, because it would be with me for the rest of my life. I was working in youth suicide prevention in NYC at the time and many of my kids were the throwaways of society: gang members, prostitutes, queer kids. It took me a few weeks to come up with a mantra that I felt met the criteria, applied to every area of my life and to every category of people:

“Meet them where they are and accept them as humans deserving of respect.”

I guess it was a pretty good mantra; I still repeat it to myself daily.

What would be your personal mantra?

Never forget that I love you, and that excludes no one.


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Michael Nolan is The Sentimental Dom. He wants you to keep your chin up, treat everyone with dignity, compassion, and respect, and drink more water.

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