Dear one,

What would you do if today was your last day? I know that may feel morose to think about, but if you were to learn that today would be your last in this lifetime, how would you change the way you approach the day?

Maybe you would choose to sit a few extra minutes with your pet and your morning coffee. Maybe you’d call out of work. Maybe you wouldn’t change anything at all. I like to think I would just run through my own mental checklist of the things that would need to be handled to ensure my affairs are in order so that my loved ones would have as little to deal with as possible.

I would want to write letters to my loved ones and spend the day with them, making sure that the last memories were good ones.

I will periodically ask myself the last day question to judge my own preparedness for the inevitable. It isn’t as sad or mopey as it may seem, it just gives me a way to check in with myself and ensure I don’t leave things unsaid or undone.

Never forget that I love you, and that excludes no one.


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Michael Nolan is The Sentimental Dom. He wants you to keep your chin up, treat everyone with dignity, compassion, and respect, and drink more water.

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