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We have come a long way as a society, but there is still a very real problem with idealizing and idolizing impossible body standards. It’s possible to set goals for yourself to improve while simultaneously accepting and loving the body you’ve got.

My body isn’t what my mind tells me it should be, but it has kept me going for nearly 51 years and for that I am grateful. Moreover, I am grateful that I can look at people and see the beauty in the diversity of thought and appearance.

Give yourself permission to love what you’ve got, even when what you’ve got isn’t where you want it to be. In my experience it is far easier to work on something you love than something you despise. Your waistline does not determine your worth.

Never forget that I love you, and that excludes no one.


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Michael Nolan is The Sentimental Dom. He wants you to keep your chin up, treat everyone with dignity, compassion, and respect, and drink more water.

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