Dear one,

Please know that it is normal to need to lean on someone and/or something in times of need, even more so when that need is related to your mental health and wellness. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Statements like “I don’t want to rely on mental health medication for the rest of my life” are self-sabotage. Everyone relies on chemicals to keep their brain and emotions in balance, but not everyone’s body naturally produces the chemicals required to do so.

If we are going to normalize self care, we need to accept that we may need therapy and maintenance medication for the rest of our lives, and we need to remove the stigmas associated with them.

Never forget that I love you, and that excludes no one.


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Michael Nolan is The Sentimental Dom. He wants you to keep your chin up, treat everyone with dignity, compassion, and respect, and drink more water.

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